First Blog

When nothing was to be done, I blogged.

This day, Year 2000, Rajeswari / Vaishnavi / Vaishu, My eldest sister Gayathri's daughter was born. I wish her a happy birthday and a peaceful long life. Vaishu brought many changes in my life, of which, she made me realize what real affection is. She is the first child with whom I spent most of my time. She loves me a lot and sends gifts on mother's day to me too.

She is also the most adored akka and friend of my daughter Darshini. Vaishu and Darshini mean a lot to me, as they made me realize the purpose of my life. They made me explore more, knowledge, that I can answer their questions. They made me smile and laugh without any reason. I have many things to say to them, I start this blog as a channel to share my thoughts and some moments, on this day to show my gratitude to Vaishu. Thanks Vaishu. I love you a lot.



【♫ஷங்கர்..】™║▌│█│║││█║▌║ said...

நீங்க நல்லா வரலாறு படைப்பீங்க:)) இந்த முதல் கமென்ட்ட நினைவு வச்சிக்குங்க.:)

பழமைபேசி said...

நீங்க நெகமமா? அல்லது பக்கத்து ஊரா??

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